Defcon 15

“Check this out, it’s some fucked up plumbing that kills people!”
-Interviewer at Defcon

My first take at the defconbots automated weaponry tournament.

Early Development of DefconBot

I used the the 8 servo serial controller, and s666n High Torque servo motor, both of which are made by Pololu Robotics. I highly recommend using their servo controller over the Mini-SSC variety, because of the added resolution. Pololu’s servo controllers work with Mini-SSC protocol as well, however I saw quite an increase in precision when I switched over to Pololu protocol.

The Defcon Bots competition involved building a robot which could find, and shoot down, 23 white targets, entirely on it’s own.  I used a USB webcam to find the targets, a laptop to process their location, and translate the coordinates into servo commands.