RC Car Airsoft

Fun with Christmas Presents

RC toys are always fun, especially when you can add weapons…

I was given this RC car for christmas, and it came with a switch on the remote for lights you could turn on. I tore off the body and clipped the wires to the lights. It turns out they put out a nice 10v signal. I quickly grabbed my tiny breadboard and using its adhesive, glued it to the RC car ( there was a perfect plateau to fit it on).

I then bought the cheapest electric airsoft gun I could find (25$) and attacked it with my dremel…

With a 6v DC relay I put it all together and oila, a sweet RC car with some added zing.  A real ankle biter.

Later I added a trigger for the gun where your pinky lies on the remote. It’s a bit easier to fire now, as you dont have to turn the light switch on and off… its a momentary push button switch.

Things you could improve:
-Add secondary weapon (bottle rockets)
-Minimize space taken up by the gun and try to mod it into the body of the car…
-Add 3 round burst (I’m thinking a 555 timer circuit)
-Encode messages within the 3rd channel.  You could send a certain message to fire one shot, 3 shots, etc.  Or you could add a third servo to horizontally aim the gun, and a special coordinate to fire it.

The Car

Stuff I hacked off the airsoft gun…

Simple Circuit. You can see I moved the battery housing (handle of the gun) to behind the breadboard.

Note: In the picture of the car, I have not yet added the diode. In this picture it would be on the right side and facing down.

the gun

the remote (with weapons trigger switch added near pinky)

the workshop