When I was a kid, my parents would often find me awake at 4am, building something out of Lego bricks, unable to sleep after some idea popped into my head. As an adult, the Legos have turned into companies and software, but I still occasionally wake up too excited to go back to sleep. I find I’m the happiest when nurturing that drive to create.

I recently founded Cfinger Games, a video game development studio. Game development stood out to me as the center of my own personal venn diagram of engineering, creativity, and ability to build impactful things with a small team. We are developing our first game, Cleared Hot, a 3D physics based helicopter shooter.

I’m a big proponent of self-education and learning in general. I think higher education, while it gets some things right, is an outdated model. In 2021 I spent some time “unschooling” at The Recurse Center, a 3 month retreat where “where curious programmers recharge and grow”. If this sounds fun to you- plz do it. It was an incredible experience.

I’m the Founder and Chairman of Punch Through, a connected product consulting company. I started Punch Through in college, and it taught me so many things. It has grown to a team of 35-40 people and has proven a really awesome model of how to work together efficiently. I’m no longer involved operationally, but remain a co-owner and chairman.

Outside of work, I like to race bikes and surf.