The Dropout’s Guide to PCB Trace Antenna Design

“There are 2 ways to learn antenna design.  One way is to go to grad school.  I’ll teach you the other way”

-A mentor of mine

Engineers love to refer to wireless as ‘black magic’.  Which is partly true.  But with the right tools and the willingness to fuck it all up (a few times), you’ll be making your mark on the 2.4GHz band in no time.  This guide is a ‘Trial and Error’ approach to antenna design.  It won’t be perfect, and won’t cover a lot of the ‘hard’ topics.  You probably won’t even feel smart after reading it.  You may even feel a little dirty.  But you WILL be able to design an antenna to ‘good enough’ standards, for 2.4GHz communication (wifi, zigbee, ANT+, etc).